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versatile to the core

Versia … Versatile to the Core. Our environmental mission is to Reconfigure, Relocate, Reuse. The green apple core of our building block icon symbolizes our commitment to be “Versatile to the Core”. Keep up with our commitment to be green on

Striving for constant and consistent materials reduction, Versia supports alternative methods for reducing consumption by recycling wood pallets, steel and internal cardboard and paper. We honor our business partners and vendors in their commitment to sustainability.



Modular Millwork’s structural frame makes the system easy to Reconfigure, Relocate and Reuse when the space needs change, eliminating “obsolescence-disposal-repurchase” cycle of traditional casework and millwork.

- Employs Rapidly renewable raw materials sourced
- Wood panels are 100% Recycled
- Organizers are 100% recyclable polystyrene
- Environmentally sound powder-coating process
- Steel components are approximately 50% recycled
- Daylight Harvesting
- Organizers are 33% Post-consumer recycled
- Geo-Thermal Source to cool machinery and heat plant
- Avoid consumption of Natural gas and fossil fuels
- Actively Recycles office/industrial paper

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Aurora Storage Products contains 25% recycled steel content and can potentially qualify for 2 LEED points. Our Gloss-Tek powder coat finish is eco-friendly, contributing no harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) to the environment. This finish could add 1 LEED point.

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