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Versia Storage Systems specializes in tailoring layouts, systems and equipment to each company’s unique organizational needs, from small business to Fortune 500 corporations. Organization is fundamental to every successful business, and the dedicated specialists at Versia open the door to your company’s untapped efficiency with expert design and consulting. Our ability to provide CAD, superior products and professional installations result in a turn-key operation that not only solves your needs today, but anticipates those needs for the future. See some of our latest products in use on

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STORAGE FURNISHING SOLUTIONS The Science of Storage Solutions

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The science of storing and retrieving in the most efficient manner is paramount to any business. Flexible storage products utilizing adjustable shelving, movable carriages and modular millwork components create the ultimate storage product.

Versia’s logic and expertise transcends today’s evolving storage needs to tomorrow’s endless possibilities. Versatile high density shelving systems maximize space and provide sustainable storage with sophisticated interchangeable modules and components. Highly efficient and organized workplaces increase productivity in workrooms, storage areas and high transaction interiors. Change is constant – reconfigure, relocate and reuse.


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The science of capturing incoming data or printing any combination of color, text, barcode or image, Versia provides a turn-key print solution. This maximizes the power and convenience of the internet to print labels anywhere while maintaining total confidentiality and security for data which never leaves your computer.

Versia’s logic and attention to detail offers our rapidly changing green evolution of information management, defining filing solutions with a vast array of products. Space-efficient document and media storage systems respond to changing needs to locate and access files instantly. Limitless design possibilities are developed to transform diverse workspaces.

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MODULAR WORKSPACE SOLUTIONS The Science of Modular Solutions

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The science of sustainable and environmentally conscious workroom furniture is within the exceptional product of Multisort Modular Millwork. The bactericidal surfacing, which meets applicable specifications for use in all working environments, is effective against MRSA, is chemical resistant and is a proactive step in the germ warfare.

Vesia’s logic and innovative modular millwork provides custom designed high-tech and eco-friendly systems. Define and redesign space through progressive technology that supports trends in health care, corporate, financial services, break rooms, technology, laboratory sciences, pharmacies, education, and government. Product performance exceeds expectations while design serves specialty use, ergonomics and custom capabilities. Demanding modular stations and work surfaces are built for a lifetime of flexibility.

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