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Western States Contracting Alliance
National Association of State Procurement Officials

Versia Storage Systems offers contracted pricing to virtually all state government entities including Legislative Branch, Court System, Universities, Board and Commissions, and political subdivisions such as cities, counties, boroughs, school districts, etc.

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10/12/2013 (plus 3 renewal terms)
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State Contracts

Alabama Georgia Maine Nevada Oregon Virginia
Alaska Hawaii Maryland New Hampshire Pennsylvania Washington
Arizona Idaho Massachusetts New Jersey Rhode Island Washington D.C.
Arkansas Illinois Michigan New Mexico South Carolina West Virginia
California Indiana Minnesota New York South Dakota Wisconsin
Colorado Iowa Mississippi North Carolina Tennesee Wyoming
Connecticut Kansas Missouri North Dakota Texas
Delaware Kentucky Montana Ohio Utah
Florida Louisiana Nebraska Oklahoma Vermont

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Sandy Bender | President

P: 602.279.3993
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Jennifer Lewis | Director of Operations

P: 602.279.3993
F: 602.279.3911

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